• CINNAMON CHOCOLATE BABKA ($15.00 for one loaf)*

The epic version of babka: a swirled loaf chock full of gourmet chocolate, nuts, and cinnamon spice. (Remember that Seinfeld episode with the chocolate babka...?)

  • CHERRY SWIRL COFFEE CAKE ($15.00 for one 9" square)

Buttermilk cake with giant pockets of sweet cherry and topped with a delicious vanilla glaze.

  • MY FAVORITE STREUSEL COFFEE CAKE ($15.00 for one 9" square)*

Golden cake with an addicting brown sugar and cinnamon topping.

  • KOLACKS ($7.50 per roll, minimum two rolls an order)*

Hungarian rolled bread stuffed with a sweetened nut mixture - a childhood favorite.

  • (VEGAN) CHOCOLATE CAKE TORTE ($20.00 for one 9" round cake)

You'd never know it was vegan! Light and moist chocolate cake topped with whatever strikes your fancy: fresh berries and powdered sugar, chocolate ganache and white chocolate curls, caramel and nuts, the list goes on...

*CONTAINS NUTS (some items can be made without nuts, please feel free to ask.)